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About this same time every four years or so, Christians get what I believe the Three Stooges would call the "Heebie Jeebies".

What do I mean by the "Heebie Jeebies"? I believe this term could mean something or someone is scaring us 'to death'. We become afraid.

I have noticed when we Christians are confronted with a problem, we all of a sudden become VERY religious. Right now, 2012, we are confronted with a problem: the problem (and I make no apologies for saying this) is Barack Obama. Are we waiting for some magical, religical (I made up that word) happening to suddenly solve our problems? 

We might say Barack Obama gives us the "Heebie Jeebies". I believe Barack Obama has been leading this country down the wrong path for almost four years now. Barack Obama needs to be voted out of office. As far as I am concerned, he has not exhibited an interest in leading our country into prosperity, only poverty (financial and spiritual poverty). Barack Obama has done everything he can (as far as I can see) to turn the United States of America into a third world country.

Christians need to wake up! Quit this business of having the "Heebie Jeebies" and vote Barack Obama out of office. Quit being afraid that someone (maybe someone in your own family) will call you a racist. Barack Obama has done more to cause a racial divide in this country than most other racists have done in the past. We are Americans and we need to start letting people know we are Americans! Don't be ashamed of what God has given us: 1. A Savior, Jesus Christ, Who was crucified, buried and resurrected (He's alive); 2. A place to live that we can call the greatest nation on earth!

Christians need to wake up! Quit waiting just a few days before an election and start "belly aching" about how bad it is or how bad it is going to be. Get busy and speak up! Pray now! Quit worrying about money and concern yourself with the moral climate of our country.

Will Mitt Romney be more of a moral leader than Barack Obama? All indications are yes. Is Mitt Romney a member of a cult? The answer is yes. When I vote, I won't be voting for his beliefs concernining the Mormon church. I will be voting for a leader who from all appearances has the best interest in and for our country.

I pray for the Lord to return soon. Even now would not be soon enough for me to hear the Lord say "come up hither". But, right now, I am still here, and so are you. The Lord has left us in charge of His economy, what He owns. He owns everything. We are His Ambassadors. We are to be about the Lord's work until He comes for us. We will be "air-lifted" out of here someday. But until He calls us home, we are to be busy. We are to be busy doing His work, busy being Christians, and busy being  good citizens of the United States of America!. 

Oh yes, you might ask:
"Aren't you afraid to say these things about the presidency? 'Religious' organizations are not supposed to talk about or recommend candidates for political offices." WHO SAYS?!!

First, I am a Christian. Second, I preach the Gospel. Third, I am a United States citizen. Fourth, any donations received by LRWM is not tax deductible. We are not a tax exempt organization. So, you see, we don't have to worry about taking a stand for our Savior, or our country! 

Because of Christ,

Dr. Lewis R. Woodard

Don't be a stooge! The Lord will guide you if you let Him!