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HAVE YOU.....?

Have you ever felt like you've been taken for granted? If so, then you may have felt, "why should I care?" or "why should I do anything? It won't make a bit of difference no matter what I do."  I guess we've all felt like that a time or two in our lifetime. Think of it like this: if we felt like that all the time, nothing would ever get accomplished.

(What's the difference anyway?)

Maybe right now you are thinking it makes no difference how you vote in the upcoming election. Sometimes we just think things will just happen for the best no matter what we do: "WHAT IS THE USE IN VOTING OR VOTING FOR A PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL? AFTER ALL, GOD HAS EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHAT I DO. IT'S WHAT GOD DOES THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE." Talk about being taken for granted! If you think that God will take care of things no matter what you do, then you are taking God for granted.

(Do you have a brain?)

God has given us a brain (for the most part), and He expects us to use it. If our attitude is one of taking God for granted, thinking He is going to solve every problem we face, then our free will and the right to make decisions does not exist in the sight of God.

(It makes a difference.)

I've got news for you. If what we do in this life makes no difference to God, then God gave His Son to die on the Cross for nothing (John 3:13-18). If the decisions you make mean nothing to God, then why did you ask Him to save you by the Blood of His Son? Or, maybe you haven't asked Jesus into your heart (asked Him to save you with the deepest realization that you are lost and you know your only hope is in Jesus Christ). If God has not given you the responsibilty and ability to think and make decisions, then you are excused. But, God has given each of us the responsibility and the ability to think and make right decisions. The Bible also says the Holy Spirit was sent so each of us could know we need a Savior and how to receive Jesus as That Savior (John 15:26). There are no excuses when it comes to making the right decision to receive Jesus as Savior.(Romans 1:17-22). 

(It's personal.)

It is a PERSONAL responsibility to accept Christ, and it is a PERSONAL responsibility for each of us to participate in the operation of our country. We need to vote as ambassadors for Christ (II Corinthians 5:20). We are to uphold our God. We are given responsibilities on this earth until Christ calls us Home. One of the greatest responsibilities and privileges we have is to vote in elections for people who have the ability to watch out for us in local and national government.

(To serve or not to serve?)

Joshua said in Joshua 24:15 "...as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Who will you serve in this election? Will you serve God or mammon? (Luke 16:13) We need to get serious with God and vote to help turn our country around. As for me and my house, we will do everything we can to vote Barack Obama out of office. He has been and is still leading our country into ruin. He stands for and promotes ungodly things that go completely against the Word of God!. The angels in Heaven must weep because of Barack Obama's brazen ungodliness. VOTE OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE!



Let me remind you that as Christians, you and I have a responsibility to pray for the safety of President Obama. We also have the responsibility to pray for him to make right decisions. Also, we need to pray for his salvation, if he is not saved (whether he is saved or not is between him and the Lord). (See Romans 13:1-7)

Are you 100% sure of Heaven?